Olgarhythm Fundraising concerts

Huge thanks to all who have attended our Fundraising concerts in early 2016, and to the wonderful musicians who have generously performed at these events. Together we have managed to raise thousands of pounds to support vital classical music education, and it has been very exciting to see our musical community begin to develop and grow in size!


On 26th January 2016, Olgarhythm joined forces with artist Marc-Antoine Goulard in a special concert/exhibition fundraising event, where guests were treated to both auditory and visual sensations. Our thanks to Marc-Antoine for his inspiring talk and for presenting his portfolio of 'abstract landscapes'. Thanks also to guest violinist Susanne Schäffer, who teamed up with Olga to play a dynamic violin-piano program.


On 8th March, Olgarhythm co-hosted a fundraising concert together with the launch of FitzFest- Fitzrovia's annual community music festival. Many thanks to the FitzFest artistic director (and star oboist) Dan Bates and fellow musicians Beatrice Phillips, Anna Cashell, Meghan Cassidy, Hanna Sloane, and Katharine Spencer, who, along with Olga, treated the audience to a delightful program of Mozart, Schubert, and Destenay. See our gallery for pictures from the event.


On 5th May, the incredible Vivo trio performed Tchaikovsky's piano trio. Huge thank you to Michael Foyle (violin), Raphael Lang (cello) and Maksim Stsura (piano) for a truly unforgettable evening. There was a real buzz after the concert, and plenty of lively discussion amongst the attendees!